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T-Shirt Quilts

Don't know what to do with those old or new t-shirts in your closet? I do. Let's make some memories out of them. How about a quilt, wall-hanging, or just a pillow.

You send me the shirts and I will do the rest.

This quilt was made for a graduating student, providing great memories to snuggle up with. I decided to be colorful with this one. It measures approximately 96" x 64".


This next quilt was custom-made for a high school softball coach who wanted to wrap up in some memories. I used paw-print materials for the sashing to go with her theme.

t-shirt quilt
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Here is a 24-block quilt I made for a ten-year-old boy's birthday!

tshirt quilt
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Here's a close-up of the front so you can get a better look.

tshirt quilt
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And here's a view of the back showing you the quilting and ties.

tshirt back
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My t-shirt quilts can be made with three to 42 blocks as wall hangings or bed covers. My prices are for hand-tied quilts. I can also offer machine-quilting, however, there will be an extra charge.

My feelings on tied versus machine quilting is this: I believe the main focus of a t-shirt quilt is the t-shirt. I have had them machine quilted and personally I think machine quilting detracts from the shirt. Machine quilting also puts a lot of extra holes in the shirt, which can weaken the fabric of an older shirt.

I use a very light fusible web to stablize the shirt and if you like I will machine-quilt the sashing (the material that separates the blocks).

I charge $10.00 per block, which includes approximately a two-inch sashing between the blocks. I supply the batting and backing. I work constantly with my clients to be sure we create just what you want!

You can consider the following guidelines when considering a t-shirt quilt:

  • wall-hanging - 3 blocks and up
  • throw - 12 - 16 blocks
  • twin - 20-24 blocks
  • full - 25-30 blocks
  • queen - 36 blocks
  • king - 42 blocks

The average size of blocks are 14" to 15" plus 2" sashing. This may vary, depending on the size of the shirt.

For more t-shirt quilts see my section on Harley Quilts.


Here are other recent T-shirt quilts. Click the image to see a larger picture:

quilt quilt
quilt quilt